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Review it.

FY22 was a strong year for heavy engineering, with building and construction remaining strong despite skills shortages and disruptions from Covid-19.

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Troy Coyle

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HERA Executive Chair

David Anderson

Looking at the big picture

HERA’s FY2021 pivot to digital delivery of its services, enabled us to respond well to continued lockdowns due to Covid-19 in FY2022. Throughout the year, there was high demand for HERA training and certification, both of which we were able to deliver digitally when required.

HERA continued its investment in Industry 4.0 capability, through further fit-out of the fab4.0lab and seeding of some key research projects, as well as progressing development of the HERA Innovation Centre in collaboration with the HERA Foundation. HERA also commissioned a key investigation of productivity benefits associated with the construction sector’s adoption of Industry 4.0. This study demonstrates significant financial benefits for Aotearoa of doing so.


We also invested in the development of structural fire engineering capability, through the appointment of Fanquin Meng. This is an area that we will continue to invest in and develop.

Our Sustainability Fund projects, including commencement of development of Australasia’s first material passport, along with the development of the zero carbon steel program (to be launched in FY2023), positioned us as an innovative sustainability thought leader for our industry. Our reports on steel recycling, demonstrated that steel is a leader in Aotearoa’s circular economy and that there are significant carbon equivalent emissions reductions arising from steel recycling. The recycling rates of steel in building and construction waste were also shown to be high, estimated at 85%.

In FY2022, we also focused on reinvigorating our delivery of design guide support for our industry - something our members had asked us to focus on more.

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Celebrate it.

A year of success.

HERA is so proud of the work that our team has delivered this year to assist our industry.

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Deliverng solutions



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Solve it.

I orea te tuatara ka patu waho.

A problem is solved by continuing to find solutions.

We need to embrace creative thinking, adaptability and perseverance, because in order to explore the unknown, re-invent and re-imagine we need all of these things. 

Developing & maintaining
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 & maintaining


Create it.

Building a skilled and strong workforce.

Everything we do is to ensure we’re a New Zealand that supports our metals based industry.


We want our members to be employers of choice, and to be optimising cost effectiveness through productivity and efficiency.


That is why, a core focus for us is providing training and support so they follow global best practice, are evaluating and adopting new technologies for commercial success, and are recognised for their outstanding commitment to quality.

Connectng & inspiring


 & inspiring

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Connect it.

We are building a tribe of passionate metal heads.


We want our members, stakeholders and our wider industry to create a community actively engaged and collaborating.


One way we have been working to achieve this, is through our digital media room - Pūtātara, by helping businesses to pivot their operations by leveraging digital communications as the key tool.


Pūtātara is the conch shell Māori used to signal a message was coming. Similarly HERA’s Pūtātara, is home to all the digital content and communication tools your business needs to tell the world about what you do. Its main aim is to provide the support and resources you might expect from a digital agency but with the added benefit of industry insight and messaging.

Futur proofing



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Dream it.

The work we do, is aimed at future proofing our industry.

To do this job well, we need to be the industry futurist who looks ahead to determine future
trends, disruptions and innovations - so we can prepare our industry for them.
It is this future thinking that always determines the projects we focus on, and the future investment we make in research.

Our lead team 

Our seismic research has led to the development of a new weld technique that delivers the same performance, but at 40% of the cost.


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Kaveh Andisheh

GM Structural Systems

HERA plays a crucial role as a thought leader - we have to intrigue, challenge and inspire our industry.


We are focused on developing new technical solutions in structural engineering to address gaps and extend our inhouse capabilities to better support our members.


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Michail Karpenko

GM Welding

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Kim Nugent

GM Comms 4.0

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Ronita Kishore

Finance Manager

Count it.

Financial statement

Govern it.

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